Rte. Montevideo

Located in a century-old stone-built house, retaining its traditional essence. The closest experience to a trip to the past of our land.

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Grilled Meats

If you want to enjoy the best grilled meat, your place is Restaurante Montevideo

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Extensive wine list

Enjoy during the meal of the wide wine list of the land that we have

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Rock Bar Montevideo

We have Bar-brewery independent of the Restaurant. To make your meal or dinner more enjoyable

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If you want to enjoy the best grilled meat, your place is Restaurant Montevideo. Located in a century-old stone house and creating a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, Restaurant Montevideo offers a varied menu of freshly made products as well as its specialties in fish, seafood and rice dishes.



Our Menu

In our menu you can find tapas, starters, pastas, fresh fish of the day, grilled meats, paellas, rice and spectacular desserts. Come and enjoy our food.

If you really want to make friends, go to someone’s house and eat with him … the people who give you food give you the heart.